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Peak Communication Therapy offers speech and language therapy services and programs for kiddos between 1-10 years old with delayed communication skills. All services are designed to promote the development of speech, language, social, cognitive, sensory, emotional intelligence, and play skills and are effective for kiddos with speech and language disorders, communication delays, cognitive delays, ADHD, Autism, sensory processing differences (SPD), and/or executive function differences.

I currently provide assessment and therapy services in home, daycare, and community settings in Bend, Oregon. Virtual therapy and consultation services are also offered to Washington and Oregon State residents.

Free Intake Consultations

Not sure if your kiddo needs services? Want to make sure I'm the right person for the job? I get it. I want to make sure you're on the best path too. Schedule your free 15-minute virtual consultation to get answers, determine if a speech and language evaluation and/or treatment are warranted, and learn more about how my approach will serve you.


Comprehensive evaluations are conducted to determine a child's speech, language, social communication, executive functions, and behavioral development. Appointments typically last 1-1.5 hours and include parent interview, formal testing, observation, review of results, and recommendations. A detailed report will also be provided after completion of the evaluation.

Individualized Therapy

Customized therapy programs are developed based on family concerns and evaluation results. I offer individual and group therapy sessions. All services include direct therapy, parent education, progress updates, and home practice activities. I also collaborate with school-based teams and other service providers to provide a comprehensive approach, ensuring success in school and at home. Appointments are 30 minute blocks, currently provided in home, daycare/school, and other community settings.

Facilitated Social Play Groups

My inclusive kids’ social-emotional and self-regulation programs are designed to promote the development of essential skills like: emotional understanding and regulation, social problem-solving, attention/focus, impulse control, sensory integration and regulation, self-awareness, growth mindset, and more!

Parent Consultations & Workshops

Parent/Caregiver Consultations: Conducted in person or virtually to help parents problem-solve specific concerns, plan for IFSP and IEP meetings, etc. Appointments are 60 minutes and include 45 minutes of direct 1:1 contact (kiddos may or may not be present) and 15 minutes of consultant prep of educational/home practice materials and communications between appointments.

Parent/Caregiver Workshops: I offer educational trainings to help parents, caregivers, and others with kiddos in their lives to better understand their kiddo's developmental needs and challenging behaviors, and learn strategies to promote emotional understanding, self-awareness and regulation, social problem solving, and (most importantly) stronger parent-child bonds.

Programs are constantly being developed. Click the buttons below to check out current trainings (you'll be directed to another website) and sign up to be notified when programs are available.

My Specialties

  • Language Comprehension (vocabulary, questions, directions)
  • Expressive Language (vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure)

My Techniques

I utilize my knowledge of evidence-based and neurodiversity affirming therapy practices to tailor services for each kiddo's needs, including but not limited to:

Insurance & Billing

I am currently in-network with the following companies:

  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
  • PacificSource Commercial

I am in the process of credentialing with PacificSource Community Solutions.

I'm currently an out-of-network provider with all other health insurance providers. For out-of-network members, I do not bill your insurance directly, instead I provide an invoice (called a superbill) with all the info you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Many insurance companies have restrictions for which therapeutic services and diagnoses they cover. I strongly recommend that all families understand their insurance coverage. Please check with your insurance company to understand which speech, language, and social communication services will be covered and what your responsibility is for services rendered. Feel free to use the following document with specific questions and therapeutic codes to guide your conversation.

Does My Child Need Therapy Services?

Just starting this journey and not sure what any of this means or if any of it applies to you and your kiddo? That's ok, I'm here to help you make sense of it all and determine if your kiddo has a speech or language disorder, social skills delays, or other learning differences...

Speech Development

Is it difficult to understand what your kiddo is saying? Are you worried that your kiddo doesn’t pronounce words correctly?

I can help you determine if your kiddo’s speech sound and oral motor development is delayed, teach your kiddo how to produce sounds they struggle with, and teach you how to integrate practice at home.

Language Development

Is your kiddo not talking yet? Does your kiddo have difficulty following directions or answering questions? Does your kiddo grunt and point but doesn't use many words? Does your kiddo get frustrated or use behavior rather than words to express themselves?

I can help your kiddo understand and express language with confidence. From building a late talker's understanding the meaning of words, following directions, and answering using words and sentences to express their thoughts and ideas effectively. I will also guide you in supporting your kiddo's language development at home.

Social Skills

Does your kiddo have difficulty playing with other kiddos? Is it difficult to get or keep your kiddo's attention? Does your kiddo seem to enjoy playing alone? Does your kiddo have difficulty starting a conversation or staying on topic?

I can guide you and your kiddo in navigating the complexities of social communication (e.g., the how and why of communication). Your kiddo can learn how to share their thoughts and feelings in a way others understand, play and make friends with other kiddos, introduce and maintain topics, take turns during play and conversation, and learn the many unwritten rules for interacting with others.

Behavior & Regulation

Is your kiddo hyperactive, impulsive, or have difficulty focusing? Do they have frequent tantrums or meltdowns, seem quick to anger or sadness, or have difficulty when things don't go their way?

I can help you and your kiddo understand what their behaviors are communicating and navigate the complexities of regulating emotions, sensations, and impulses. You and your kiddo can learn how to manage their big emotions and ways to regulate (cope) when overwhelmed, understimulated, etc.

If you have even the slightest concern about any of these areas of development, don't “wait and see”. Reach out and I'll help you determine if a communication assessment and therapy are recommended.

What My Clients Say...

Ty is outstanding, and has been a trusted and highly impactful part of our dyspraxic son Ilan‘s life. He has made resoundingly impressive progress. Ilan has persistent social control/outburst issues. Ty has provided and coached us with practical behavior and social strategies.


We are so thankful for Ty. The fast progress in communication is truly amazing - he went from limited communication and biting other children to normal age-range levels! With both of us working during the day, Ty was able to meet with our son at daycare and provide regular updates on progress and things to work on at home. Thank you Ty!


Ty is so patient and extremely helpful in designing therapy sessions. About 1.5 year ago, my son has many problems in communication with others, but now he improved every aspect of talking. As parents, we really feel so grateful for Ty's effort and we highly recommend Ty because they really care about the kids they support passionately.


We feel so lucky that we connected with Ty. Ty is amazing and had an uncanny ability to connect with our son (now 4) who has autism. Not only does he adore her, but he has made a lot of progress and we believe much of this is attributed to Ty’s skills as a therapist.


We highly recommend Ty - Ty‘s talented, adaptive, persistent, delivers results, and most importantly Ty clearly cares passionately about the kids and families they support.

Kunnins Family

We really appreciate Ty's service for our 9 year old Autistic son who has significant communication delays. Ty gave us some great pointers to help ease our day to day challenges and connected really well with our son. He always looked forward to their sessions.


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